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"Be Like Water"

Available 6/5/2016

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I love music. The art and act of frequency manipulation is very special to me. I especially enjoy music that leaves space for improvisation. To me, being able to spontaneously communicate emotion without words is one of the most fascinating aspects of music. Any piece can be well composed and performed as directed, but it really becomes alive once the musicians begin to play with the harmony and rhythm and start to project their own voices, creating meaningful conversations within the piece in real time. It makes the music more personal and not something that's just regurgitated off of a sheet of paper.

This site shows where I'm performing and who I'm performing with etc., pictures, videos and some mp3's I've uploaded. There is some live stuff, some covers and a few originals from sillier days. I'll start uploading more songs as they get recorded.

Finally, thanks for looking and may your intention become reality -

Matt Rowland